Individual therapy

Finding a therapist can be quite daunting and it can be scary to sit down with a stranger to talk about painful and emotional things. Sometimes it can just be hard to find the words. I aim to create a space that is safe, warm, and compassionate. I believe in the healing power of therapy. It is a true partnership where you’ll never be rushed and where you’ll always be accepted just as you are.


Maybe you’re not sure what you need, but weekly therapy doesn't feel like the best fit. Talking together once can help you determine a path forward that's tailored for you.

Or maybe you’re worried about a family member and want to speak with a mental health professional about options and resources for them and for you.


I offer clinical supervision to clinicians at all levels of experience. My approach is warm, collaborative and driven by devotion to your professional journey. Contact me and I’d be glad to discuss your specific professional needs.


Intake and Therapy sessions: $220

Consultations: $220

My fee is $220 per session and sessions are 60 minutes. I do not accept insurance and I am an Out of Network Provider. If your insurance company offers Out of Network benefits, I would be happy to provide you with paperwork for you to submit to your insurance company for reimbursement of our sessions.

I keep a smaller caseload of clients and I don’t accept insurance so that I stay completely focused on you and your needs. For my fee, you get my undivided expert attention for our full hour as well as tune-ups as you need between sessions. Because you’re worth it.

I accept Health Savings & Flex Spending Accounts, cash, checks and all major credit cards.


Stacy Creamer

My Office at 10 West Central St Natick, MA.

If you’ve never been to counseling and you are wondering what people talk about, below are a few examples.

…jittery and worried
…down and wondering when you last enjoyed something
…as if constantly spinning and giving all you have to others

Having trouble...
…focusing and holding onto thoughts
…finding time for yourself
…being in the present moment due to haunting or bad memories

…with the transition to college, as a student or as a parent
…to remember what ‘normal’ is, as we emerge from the COVID pandemic
…to feel fully better even while taking an antidepressant

…to feel normal or happy
…to feel in control of your life
…to know when to let go

Let’s talk and navigate through your difficulties together.

I see clients in person in my Natick office or by secure video if you are in Florida or Massachusetts.


I welcome your outreach.

Please feel free to contact me and we can set up a call to discuss your needs.

Let’s see where the conversation takes us.